Yoga + Activewear inspiring happiness through our love of nature, health and freedom. That’s what 213 Apparel is all about.

Launching in December 2014, Charlotte Grigg and Sammy Veall created a brand that brings together all of their favourite things “The beach life, nature, happiness, and freedom. And with that freedom, they like to push the boundaries of what yoga wear should look and feel like.

Each piece has been carefully designed, tested, and tried. The fabrics are soft and breathable and the cuts flattering for bodies of every shape and size. Each garment is designed for wear on and off the mat, making it a new breed of yoga clothing that can be paired with your favourite denim shorts or leather jacket.

We don’t believe in standing still. We believe in spontaneous swims in the ocean at midnight, we think summer love is the greatest love, we believe nature is the best medicine, and we believe happiness is the only goal there is. 213 Apparel is your best partner in crime, wherever your life takes you.

This is only the beginning. Won’t you come along for the ride?


Our Community

We treat our community and our partners like family. And because of that, we are always making sure our product is being made in a way that supports everyone involved. When we travel to Bali we get to know our factory workers, so you can too. And we work closely with our factory to ensure all our product is being made ethically.

We want to spread our happy, free vibes with the world. Connect with us and let’s make a difference. How? Join our community! Show us your happy images by tagging us at #213apparel.